Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials:

"Working with John Carey took my bass playing to the next level. He seamlessly combines theory, technique, learning songs into each lesson. I left every session energized about my playing! John possesses an incredible repertoire of engaging exercises, and he brings a level of professionalism and charisma that's contagious."—Jenna Frost

"John Carey is a master bass teacher. His extraordinary knowledge of the instrument and passion for music has inspired me in so many ways. His teaching style gave me a foundation that continues to help me grow as a musician."—Josh Ocean

"After learning grooves from Stanley Clark, Flea, and Bach (believe it or not), John taught me EVERYTHING that any bass player would want to know. From my lessons, I have continued to develop my bass skills which are all rooted in the fundamentals that John taught me. I am now playing in a successful band and John is the reason why my bass playing is able to stand out. Thanks John!"—Chase Hochman

"John Carey makes learning a fun and fulfilling experience. He puts the time into working with you to overcome any obstacles to bring out the musician within."—Jon Burke

"As a musician and teacher, John is the perfect balance of technician and artist. He knows how to teach theory and technique without getting bogged down in it, really understanding that rock n roll is as much about groove and feel as it is about knowing the notes on the fret board. I'm a drummer just learning bass, and John’s lessons have given me a new understanding of the role of a bass player within a rhythm section."—Melissa Houston

"I found John's teaching style to be clear and cohesive. Adaptable to any student's needs and level of experience."—Mark Russell

"I searched around for awhile trying to find a bass teacher that I could get a good reference for from someone I knew. Frank Bellucci, my drum teacher, highly recommended John and this was all I needed. John has helped me tremendously in getting a better perspective of the rhythm section and has given me a new appreciation for the bass. John knows his stuff and will help anyone trying to learn and improve on this instrument!!!!! There you go - It's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!"—Brendan O'Hanlon

"John Carey is a great bass instructor. His patience, knowledge and open-mindedness makes his students feel comfortable in his presence and taking lessons with him has been a great pleasure."—James Clarke

"John is a very patient and intuitive teacher! I get better from every lesson!"—James Ramondetta

"John strives to make you a complete player. He stresses theory, chops, knowledge of the instrument, and of course, having a rockin' good time. Rather than just teaching songs and patterns, John gives you real skills and know-how you can use from style to style. I leave each lesson with new ideas and a feeling of accomplishment."—Mike Greenberg

"I've been studying with John Carey for around 5 years. John teaches me how to learn for myself, he gives me the tools to understand the structure of the music I'm learning. Sometimes we spend weeks on theory, sometimes weeks on patterning, sometimes we take songs apart, not only learning the notes that a bass player might play, but also why he played those notes and how the song is constructed. John has helped me to hear and to feel the music, he has given me the confidence to get out and play, invent new licks, and improve. I sometimes bring my electric bass to lessons, sometimes my fretless and sometimes my upright. John is always happy to amuse my next musical phase, be it learning some Jamerson song, a jazz piece or some country number."—Mark LaRiviere

"John Carey is a great teacher! He is fun, down-to-earth and patient with his students. I really felt like he laid a solid foundation for my bass studies, while encouraging me to be creative and find my own musical voice!"—Saysha Heinzman

"After playing bass as a hobby for 15 years, I decided to take bass lessons with John. Not only is John an excellent teacher and player, but he simply makes practicing fun again. John's friendly and easy going personality certainly helps. At the end of each lesson I came away feeling that I had learned something that will make me better bass player."—Thad Garrison

"John Carey is a thoughtful bass professional that perceives his student's needs without overwhelming them with gobs of useless information. He makes you feel at home, his demeanor is nurturing and goes far in making his students feel comfortable and confident."—Ralph Alvarez